Tuesday, May 22th at 6:30-9PM

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Brunch: 10AM-2PM | Dinner: 2PM-10PM

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Fitzgerald’s offers free parking in our adjoining lot as well as in the lot at the southwest corner of Western and Dayton.

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The historic neighborhood of Cathedral Hill in St. Paul is not only recognized but celebrated as the home to one of the greatest American writers of the 20th Century, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Many only know him as F. Scott Fitzgerald, who wrote the famous novel “The Great Gatsby,” but before he was rubbing elbows with wealthy socialites, he was roaming the streets and making his mark on Cathedral Hill. This is when he was just known as Scott.

It was no secret that Scott liked to hit up the neighborhood speakeasy from time to time. Gin was his favorite and he was known to consume a quart of gin and 12 bottles of beer every day! The young Scott was certainly the life of the party and quite the prankster from jumping into fountains, boiling friends watches in tomato soup and even going to parties in his pajamas, which were rumored to be removed shortly after arriving!

You won’t step back in time at Fitzgerald’s but instead enjoy today. Fitzgerald’s encompasses all that is good. Good food, good cocktails and good fun. Scott loved his St. Paul neighborhood and all the places located within it. This is what we are, part of the neighborhood, so come as you are (well, maybe not in your pajamas) and enjoy!

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